Artist Statement

I’m a new media artist working at the intersection of image, text, and code: I create applications for mobile devices, interactive installations, digital games, and technologically-mediated performances that invite my audiences to critically interrogate the often-invisible systems of knowledge and power that structure our world. Blending strategies of erasure, palimpsest, and constraint-based writing with interactive systems, virtual and augmented-reality, and digital imaging technologies, my interdisciplinary practice seeks to deploy emerging technologies against the grain of the historical, political and material contexts out of which they emerge.

From the philosophical implications of quantum physics to the unjust social ramifications of climate change, each of my research-based projects interrogates a key thinker, idea or history that catalyzed a paradigm shift in the ways in which we understand ourselves and the world around us. As a queer artist, I’ve always been deeply suspicious of dominant narratives and inherited worldviews. I’m drawn to key moments within cultural and intellectual history that give us the tools with which to critically account for the complexity of our lived experiences. Yet these ideas can be extremely difficult to understand and often remain inaccessible to a non-specialist audience. By digitally sampling, processing, activating, and embodying these texts, I create haunting and disarming translations of the ideas they describe, inviting the viewers of my work to encounter them in new and unexpected ways.