Artist Statement

My work is situated at the intersection of experimental writing and new media art: I create artists’ books, digital media installations, and applications for mobile devices that explore new possibilities for reading and writing. Each of my projects appropriates and transforms a key text in 20th century history that fundamentally changed the way we understand ourselves and the world around us.

As a queer artist, I’ve always been deeply suspicious of dominant narratives and inherited worldviews. I’m drawn to thinkers who give us the tools with which to critically account for the complexity of our lived experiences. Yet their works can be extremely difficult to read and often remain inaccessible to a non-specialist audience. By erasing, cutting up, and digitally processing texts, I create haunting and disarming translations of the ideas they describe, inviting the viewers of my work to encounter them in new and unexpected ways.

My artist’s book, SIC: Deletions and Emendations, tells a story of absence and longing following the mysterious separation of two lovers. The book is comprised of partially effaced pages of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams, unsigned letters sent from a never-named European city, and a handful of photographic portraits. Carefully erasing large portions of Freud’s original writing, I leave behind a distressed surface of spectral textual fragments that evoke sublimated fantasies and queer desire.

Collocations, my work of digital literature for the iPad, responds to readers’ movements in space by staging collisions between poetic subtexts within two excerpted pages from Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr’s historic debates about quantum mechanics. As the reader moves the iPad through space, Bohr and Einstein’s texts begin to vibrate, revealing fleeting subtexts that embody the indeterminacy of matter. At the intersection of experimental literature, interactive media arts and quantum mechanics, Collocations invents new possibilities for reading and writing.